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What your horse wants you to know
about balance and movement


RideAware Riding Clinics and intensives

Our RideAware program combines ground and mounted exercises designed to help riders gain a working knowledge of the biomechanics of the horse and human body in motion.


THE Biomechanics of bareback - NEW!
How can sitting on and moving with a horse's back help you improve your balance and stability in a saddle? Simple. Riding bareback puts you right into contact with your horse's movement and removes any question about how your movement and your horse's need to connect for balance and ease of movement. Bareback is fun and very educational! You might find out you have posture and movement habits you didn't realize. And that might help you find the root causes of persistent riding challenges - ongoing physical stresses and strains in you or your horse or training challenges that seem to linger. You might benefit most from a bareback session if you:

    Have recurring pain in joints or muscles when you ride, or your horse has recurring subtle soundness issues that show up when you ride.  
    Constantly have to straighten your saddle on your horse's back during a schooling session or need to ride with one stirrup shorter than the other to feel stable on your horse  


Feel your horse moves significantly different when ridden than he does at liberty.  

Riding With Your Deep Core - NEW!

Experienced riders, improve your balance and stability and perfect advanced seat aids by accessing your core. Learn to "speak" body language more fluently, exploring the subtleties of weight and movement to better communicate with your horse. With awareness and practice, you can achieve an independent seat and make your leg and rein aids much lighter.Learn how less really can be more - less work from you achieves more lightness and brilliance from your horse.

    Access and intentially engage your core muscles to initiate movement in self-carriage.
    Explore the way balance is achieved by correct movement, not by stiffness or restriction of range of motion.


Understand the many ways your body alignment and motion can either support or hinder your horse's movement at any gait.

Sit the Trot With Ease
Want to find the stability and ease that transform sitting trot maneuvers into a beautiful and pleasant flow? This clinic helps riders build awareness in and out of the saddle so you and your horse can achieve balance and brilliance. Sitting the trot can be freeing rather than frustrating for both horse and rider. Discover the stability and freedom of balance in motion with this unifying body/mind-centered approach.

    Learn to lift your horse's core muscles to initiate a light and elegant dance
    Elevate your horse’s back to provide a place for you to sit comfortably


Understand the biomechanics in your body that make it easy to encourage your horse carry a trot that is balanced and beautiful.

See photos from a past Sit the Trot With Ease clinic

Smooth Transitions
Transitions form the foundation of any ride. This clinic helps you learn to create lightness, balance and precision in all your transitions with less work for you and more self-carriage from your horse.

    Find stablity in your body to initiate and move with all your horse’s gait changes easily.
    Explore posture and movement habits that can cause your horse to push through your aids or drop behind your leg in upward and downward transitions
    Experience the clear communication of “talking” to your horse with your seat.

See photos from a past Smooth Transitions clinic

Lateral Work Made Easy
Correct lateral work leads to the unique blend of hindquarter strength and suppleness required by working horses in many disciplines. However, many riders dread or avoid lateral exercises in their schooling routines because the work seems difficult, uncomfortable or frustrating.

Lateral work doesn’t have to be hard. Instead, it can be a light and elegant dance initiated by lifting core muscles to invite the horse’s back to elevate and completed by directing your seatbones to guide a light step forward and through. Knowing the biomechanics of the movement in your body makes it surprisingly easy to help your horse understand and perform it in his. You get more impulsion and lightness with much less effort!




All these rider body awareness exercises focus on common challenges faced by riders in all disciplines. Have a challenge you'd like to work on? Contact us about private Biomechanics Coaching sessions or to design a clinic or intensive for you and two to five friends.

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RideAware Rider Body Awareness Workshops

An intensive workshop designed to increase your body awareness off the horse to help you make the most of your mounted time.

Innovative yoga matwork tailored to equestrians will teach you advanced practices for stability and flexibility.
A powerful series of “horseless riding” experiences provides you the unique opportunity to experience subtle posture and balance changes from the point of view of the horse.

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