More Ways to Encourage Self-Carriage
With the Bodywrap


As a bodyworker, I love the TTEAM-inspired bodywrap because it brings awareness of the horse to two muscle groups needed for self-carriage – the base of the neck and the hindquarters. As a trainer and rehabber, I love that it is gentle and non-threatening, which means horses work in the bodywrap in a thinking state instead of a reacting state. That helps them think more clearly and learn to make better choices about their posture, balance and movement. And both sides of my professional persona love how adaptable the bodywrap is, allowing me to quickly and easily devise different set-ups to address different issues. Following are some examples:

This draft-cross mare's movement habit means she doesn't step through as well with her left hind as she does with her right, making left-lead canter departs a big challenge. Working with the bodywrap looped just around this leg increases her awareness, helping her to come through better in the trot and, eventually, to step under into clean canter departs.   This athletic gelding has difficulty staying focused when the girth/cinch of a saddle, surcingle or even bareback pad is tightened around. He tends to dissociate, then react suddenly to the slightest input. But he has progressed to being able to work quietly and stay "present" with a bodywrap fashioned to fit snugly around his middle.

This energetic young mare was a challenge to longe because she would lose focus and get very exhuberant, tossing her head, leaping through the air and racing around. The figure-eight wrap plus the girth wrap helped her stay present, giving her body gentle input that helped her think instead of react.   This Paint mare was so used to going around heavy on her forehand that she popped up in her walk/trot transitions, unseating her novice rider. And her canter depart was more of a leap than a step. The bodywrap played an important part in helping her find a more efficient way to balance for better transitions and smoother movement in general.




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