Mother Nature Paints the Skies

One nice thing about the evening horse feeding and cleaning routine is that I’m out and about to enjoy Tucson’s amazing sunsets.

This evening was one of those “Ooohhhh! Ahhhhh!” kinds of sights, with a beautiful moon rising through an indigo sky on one side …

… and a gorgeous orange and pink sunset painted across the sky on the other side. Beautiful!

The View From My “Office”

Was having a conversation with an electrician the other day about how nice it is not to have to work indoors on the kinds of beautiful days we’ve been having in Tucson lately. Hard to beat sunshine and mid-80s in November and December!

We both agreed that while there were certainly times in the heat of summer when we wished for a nice, cushy, air-conditioned office, in general we were both grateful for not having to be cooped up inside four walls for hours at a time.

The next evening, as I sat teaching on a comfy swivel chair placed for me at ringside by a kind client, this was my view: a lovely horse, a talented and dedicated rider and a stunning sunset.

That’s my kind of office!