Horse of a Different Color

This otherwise plain sorrel horse with very unusual white markings on his hindquarters recently visited one of the barns where I teach, causing people to speculate whether he was a Paint with spots inside spots or an Appaloosa whose blanket didn’t quite form.

According to the owner, who had clearly (cheerfully) answered the question before, neither. He’s a crop-out Quarter Horse. (Named Bulls-eye!)

Of course I knew sometimes Quarter Horses produced a little too much white, though rules have been relaxed so horses that used to be ineligible for QH registry are now welcomed. But in digging around for information on crop-outs, I learned that there also have been instances of Quarter Horses producing Appaloosa coloring.

2 thoughts on “Horse of a Different Color

  1. Does he have any other appaloosa markings? White around the eye, mottled skin or striped hoofs? No problem ever identifying THAT guy if he should ever be stolen or lost! Thanks for sharing – great picture!

    • No Appy traits on this guy. He is actually registered QH and Paint. It was nice of the owner to let a total stranger take a picture of her horse to share.

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