How Balanced is Your Horse’s Triangle?

I recently had a couple of fascinating conversations with an equine dentist about the ways a horse’s teeth affect other things. First, we talked about the connection between TMJ and balance. Then we discussed how horses who work biomechanically correctly tend to maintain balanced mouth.

I love how mainstream it’s becoming to consider the horse as a whole – feet, teeth, mind, muscles, bones – when considering both health-care and training issues.

So this recent post on the fugly blog fit right into that thought stream. The blogger writes in detail about attending a seminar that introduced her to the concept of “the Triangle,” the connection between a horse’s teeth, its feet, and its musculoskeletal structure.

I found myself nodding as I read the post, that also includes a number of very useful links to web resources detailing aspects of this “Triangle” approach.

I hope you’ll find the post educational and use the links to help you explore more about an integrative approach to finding and solving the physical challenges that some horses experience.

Illustration: Skeleton Rider Colored by *EscyKane on deviantART