Feast Your Eyes on Some Real Quarter Horses

If you need a little antidote to the horrific caricatures of horses featured in my Halloween zombie-horse blog, feast your eyes on some real Quarter Horses who are clearly bred and raised for do the job the breed was meant for. Beautiful!

(One does have to wonder how the AQHA can recognize the quality of these horses while condoning the way Quarter Horses move in the show ring.)

And for those inclined to show a horse without making him look sad and broken, the ranch horse “no bling” shows might be for you.

Such a relief to see stock horses move like the horses I rode and showed for years. Those horses worked on the ranch during the week, then got cleaned up and hauled to the show on the weekend. They earned their keep, something that’s not even a possibility for today’s poor, downhill show-bred stock horses. I don’t know who decided they should carry their heads down by their knees, but from down there they surely couldn’t see a cow, much less drive or cut one.

I hope you enjoy seeing what a real Quarter Horse looks like.