Alexander: May 15, 1997-April 17, 2011


Alex at about 10 weeks, a cute little furball.

We’re missing a family member in the ManeStream today. Alex, my nearly-14-year-old German Shepherd died quietly in his favorite napping spot yesterday.

Alex with his good friend Piggers at the lake where they went to swim.

We’ve known he was on borrowed time for nearly a year, since a fast-growing tumor was removed from his lip. He didn’t see or hear well and sometimes got confused about where he was in the yard, but he remained his mellow, happy self.

Sunday morning he went out for a woof session with his friend across the alley, but later came indoors seeming a bit short of breath. I sat with him to see whether he had just gotten too warm, but it became clear his breathing was labored and his nose was ice cold. He died a few minutes later, just after I had set a time for the mobile vet to come see him. No muss, no fuss for Alexander.

We’ll miss his sweet presence and his stories, which he always enjoyed telling with great enthusiasm to every new person he met.