Wanna Buy a Horse? Cheap.

Wow, while I’ve been focused elsewhere a lot of spam has accumulated in the ManeStream. So, if you’re in the market for Indonesian cigarettes or cialis or bootleg louis vuitton handbags, I can hook you up. On that note …

Looking to buy a horse? Here’s a website that will sell you one … or maybe not. This is so clearly a scam, from the language error on top of the very first page. Realizing that, you can relax and just enjoy the humor.

I especially enjoyed the horse care tips. Seems young horse owners are required to experience horse grooming lesions as part of their education. Hmmm. I once pulled the manes of a dozen half-wild yearling thoroughbreds by hand all in one day, and I did indeed experience some lesions. Ouch! But I don’t recommend that sort of experience as a general rite of passage for my young clients.

And in the “Testimonies,” a satisfied customer writes “delivery was prompt and assembly was a snap.” Cool. Someone has figured out how to disassemble a horse for easy delivery. I wonder how many of those priority-mail flat-rate boxes it takes to ship the average 16-hand horse? Gotta be cheaper than loading one in a trailer and driving cross-country. And just think how that opens up the international markets!

I’m not sure which is the more disturbing question: who would put up a site like this or who in his right mind would buy a horse from a site like this. The fact that the first happened must mean the second also occurs, otherwise why do it? Yikes.

One thought on “Wanna Buy a Horse? Cheap.

  1. Really? I mean, really?

    And to think people actually spend TIME making up these offers and figuring out workarounds to spam filters. How profitable can it be? Seems there must be a better way to make a [pick your currency here].

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