Horses and Hearts’ Desires


What a pleasure and privilege it was yesterday to work with a group of smart,  interesting and open-minded women, introducing them to the special way horses can help us discover and understand more about ourselves.

Intuition, Intention & Your Heart’s Desire” was the title and focus of a day retreat my colleague Jenny Kendall of Desert Horse Yoga and I created for a group of friends who spend one weekend a month together learning, exploring and laughing a lot.

I really enjoyed the luxury of guiding a group of people who were already comfortable with each other. When the group dynamic already exists, it’s so much easier for everyone to feel the freedom of the safe space Jenny and I work to construct for all of our client interactions. That gives the horses free rein (!) to work their magic without constraint, to train their mirrors and hone right in on the essence of each person’s quest for knowledge and understanding of self.