Photoblogging: Beautiful Southern Arizona

I have been driving a lot lately, traveling to work with horses and people either at their homes or at various boarding facilities. Along the way, I get to see some of the gorgeous southern Arizona scenery. Of course, there’s the the beautiful desert – saguaro, prickly pear and ocotillo. But there are also mountains of all shapes and sizes, miles and miles of grasslands and, of course, those amazing blue skies. Every once in a while, I even take the time to stop and take a photo. Here are a few for you to share …


I don’t miss the cold weather, but the fall leaves on the cottonwoods in the Santa Cruz River Valley near Tubac remind me of the northeastern Colorado ranch where I grew up.


These bright wildflowers line the roads and sweep across the grasslands near Sonoita.


Prickly pear, cholla, creosote, grasses
and wildflowers form beautiful
roadside vignettes.