New Adventures in Blogging

I have been thinking about launching a blog for the past couple of years, but somehow other projects have taken precedence – website, clinics, newsletter, articles. But I have been longing for a place for to record and discuss those random and interesting tidbits that float around in my head while I drive between appointments. “I wonder whether anyone else has ever noticed …” or “Did you ever see a horse do …”

I have come to a realization, though, while indulging my creative muse to stockpile some shortish writings on thoughts and insights that aren’t suitable for expanding into a full-fledged article. When it comes right down to it, I seem to have this little problem writing short pieces. I aim for four or five paragraphs, and end up with an essay instead.

Blame it on all the years of counting words back when I was a print journalist and space was limited to whatever the marketing department couldn’t fill. Writing those pithy sentences and constructing perfect paragraphs, then inevitably cutting bits (or even hacking out whole painstakingly crafted sections) to fit into the shrinking spaces between the ads. And that was back in the days before word-processing programs counted the words for you. (Yes, I am that old.)

So, I do enjoy the indulgence of the internet, the feeling of infinite space. And color doesn’t cost extra. Oh, the luxury. Guess that means readers will have to put up with my blog in long form, at least part of the time. Extra points to those of you who actually read to the end. I’ll try to make it worth your while!

What I am looking forward to is the opportunity for people to interact, to comment and converse and generally come together to consider the topics I find interesting and important and entertaining. Please, do comment and opine and generally consider this an open invitation to speak your piece. Without that, I’m really just sitting here talking to myself … even though I’m not counting the words.